Zack Holland



hey there, my name is Zack Holland and I'm the founder and CEO here at SelectFew.

i was raised with my two younger siblings by a couple crazy humanitarian parents in the Amazon Rainforest, where they worked for free as a physician and a social worker.

when i was 13, we moved back to the USA to Park City, Utah - a beautiful and boring place to grow up. i left to LA to go to USC, and spent the next ten years growing businesses on the agency (WME|IMG) and brand (Tesla, Starbucks, cloudten) sides.

i started SelectFew to change the dynamic of the agency-client relationship from a parasitic one, to a symbiotic and honest one. my core philosophy is if you work with great people who care, design beautiful things that work, and work harder than the next hundred folks, good things will happen.

i'm always available for discussions, questions, or (my personal favorite) happy hours, so don't hesitate to reach out!