SelectFew Pricing

We're determined to have the most straightforward, transparent, and mutually beneficial pricing model in the marketing industry. It's as simple as:

Your SelectFew Strategist and Program is always $2,950/m.

  • This is your strategist only works with up to 3 clients, so you are paying for 10-15 hours/week of an experienced marketers time, while you:
  • Also have access to the SelectFew Analytics team, and have the internal Operations Team that learns about your business along with your strategist so that they can provide fitting options for:

The SelectFew Experts that you add to your program set their own rates that match what they would be if you found, interviewed, trained, managed, and handled paying them yourself in the wild. No mark-ups, no BS. We're confident we have some of the best service providers in the industry at many different budget ranges, so your team can fit you in the early days, and a different version of the team will still fit when you're doing $20m/year+.

And that's it. $2,950 + your experts that you review and approve.

Everything is on one detailed, clear invoice from SelectFew. That means you spend less time trying to pay a mess of different invoices checked against hourly tracking and in hundreds of different locations, and more time working on your business.